How to choose the right food industry boots?

food industry boots

The food processing industry is one of the most demanding industries when talking about hygiene and occupational safety and health. Employers in this industry should not only vouch for food safety, they also have to guard over a safe working environment for their employees. Companies that choose for qualitative and certified personal protective equipment (PPE) can save a lot of money, for example when purchasing safety boots.

Nathalie Vereecken, R&D Manager at Bekina Boots, gives us 5 tips that help you to identify qualitative food industry boots.

food industry boots

tip 1 food industry boots

A whopping 15% of the accidents on the work floor are caused by slips and tricks188bet体育, frequently resulting in prolonged back-, knee- and wrist pains. So the importance of slip resistant food industry boots speaks for itself.

Especially the grip and the profile of the sole are very important. Professionals in the food industry are wise enough to choose food industry boots that have a SRC certification188bet体育 for slip resistance, which means that the boots are tested for that property in an accredited test lab.

tip 2 food industry boots

The weight of food industry boots has a direct impact on the comfort one experiences whilst wearing. Food workers spend a significant part of their working day standing upright, which can result in an intense feeling of fatigue 188bet体育in the lower back and legs. In the long term this is negatively influencing their productivity. It is proven that food workers with lightweight safety boots are experiencing significantly less fatigue.

In contrast to what most people think, it isn’t the protective metal toecap that makes most food industry boots so heavy. It is the material the boots are made of that determines the weight. For example, food industry boots that are made of NEOTANE188bet体育 are phenomenally lighter than PVC or rubber boots.

lightweight food industry boots

tip 3 food industry boots

✓ SRC certification

✓ thermal insulation down to -40°C/-40°F and still very lightweight

✓ metal free protective toecap

✓ available in different colours for colour-coding

✓ highly resistant to chemicals

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